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Better than ERP software

You need business management software that is faster, simpler and more flexible, without the complexity and costs usually associated with traditional ERP systems.

With our integrated management solutions, flexibility
and innovation are added to the performance of traditional ERP software.

Medium and large companies have to transform themselves in depth in order to stay in the race. New technologies integrated into information systems are the preferred vector of these transformations.

Globalization of exchanges, competitive pressure, emergence of collaborative practices within sectors and ecosystems: companies are invited to transform themselves in a multi-dimensional way. The demand is not new, but the tensions induced are of unprecedented strength.

To move forward, to develop, to innovate, in a word to continue to create value for their stakeholders, ETI and large companies have ERP software, or at least a management information system in place. But not all ERP software solutions are compatible with today’s challenges.

In order to stay in the race and if possible to lead it, ETIs and large companies need ERP software solutions that can accompany them in all areas, where the battle for customer experience, responsiveness and projection capacity is won and will be won even more tomorrow. The agile company’s information system must integrate the latest digital technologies and be capable of integrating those that will succeed them tomorrow. However, old generation ERP software does not allow to capture this formidable potential, technological but also resulting from the uncomplexed uses of employees.

Whatever the size of your company and the specificities of your needs, our ERP solutions for integrated management have been designed to meet the challenges of ambitious companies. They give you the means to effectively manage your business, both in France and abroad, in industry, distribution and services.

Our range of ERP software, more open, allows you to operate in extended mode, to better integrate your nomadic sales staff, your teleworkers, your remote stocks, your establishments around the world and of course your suppliers and customers in a coherent ecosystem. Easily connected with other applications, e-commerce interfaces or machine softs, our range of ERP software solutions is in line with the needs of the modern business. With a focus on strategy and speed of execution, ERP software integrates powerful decision-making tools, electronic document management and workflow mechanisms to foster initiative at the grassroots level and the dissemination of best practices.

Welcome to the world of shared and exploited data for the benefit of the collective movement!

Business management developed with today's technologies

Manage each area of your company's activity

Even if ERP allows you to improve your business, it is often costly and complex to implement. Sage's intuitive integrated management solutions give you all the features of ERP software and more, at a lower cost.

Accelerate your key processes

From purchasing to manufacturing, inventory management, sales, customer service and finance, our business management solutions are easy to use and adapt to your unique business policies and processes. You can also manage your payroll and HCM strategies, CRM, fixed assets and more.

Expand your business at home and abroad

Would you like to expand your business nationally or internationally? Our fast, simple and flexible business management solutions will help you strengthen your presence in the world.

Rely on cutting-edge technologies

You will have access to the world's most powerful set of business tools. In addition, our extensive network of 40,000 accountants and 26,000 business partners offers you industry expertise and on-site support to help you select, plan and implement solutions to manage your business.

Discover our business management solutions

Sage 100cloud Entreprise

For SMEs

With Sage 100cloud Enterprise, your SMB relies on a single, consistent system, centralized information, and steering functions to make the right decisions.

  • Gestion commerciale, comptabilité et reporting
  • Suite de gestion complète avec les immobilisations, moyens de paiement, trésorerie, CRM...
  • Bénéficiez d'une solution intégrant des fonctionnalités d'accès à distance
  • Partagez des données fiables et communes
  • Automatisez votre reporting dans Excel®
  • Personnalisez, organisez et partagez vos documents simplement
Découvrez Sage 100cloud Entreprise

Sage FRP 1000cloud

For medium and large companies

Sage FRP 1000cloud is an integrated financial suite based on a collaborative and productive platform for a la carte restitution and expert functional coverage.

  • Bénéficiez d'une solution de gestion comptable et financière complète
  • Gérez vos opérations commerciales : achats, ventes, stocks...
  • Consultez toutes les données de l’entreprise et partagez-les en un clic
  • Optez pour une approche flexible avec des options à la carte
  • Disposez d'une solution tout-en-un pour fluidifier le partage de l’information dans l’entreprise
  • Optez pour la robustesse et la sécurité en contexte de gros volumes
Découvrez Sage FRP 1000cloud

Sage Business Cloud Sage X3

For medium and large companies

From procurement to production, warehousing, e-commerce, sales, accounting or HR, you have an ERP to manage your entire business worldwide and at a lower cost.

  • Maîtrisez vos opérations internationales
  • Obtenez des informations pertinentes au moment opportun
  • Développez votre activité sur de nouveaux marchés et territoires
  • Gagnez en flexibilité et concentrez-vous sur votre cœur de métier
  • Disposez de workflows simples à gérer et très intuitifs
  • Tirez parti d'une solution dédiée à votre secteur d’activité (distribution, industrie, services...)
Découvrez Sage X3


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